Gas prices fall with new season

Gas prices fall with new season
Driver Curtis Hart
Driver Curtis Hart
Driver Schetyna Hayslip
Driver Schetyna Hayslip

Today is the first day of autumn and the temperature isn't the only thing that is falling, gas prices are dropping as well.

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Whether you use Premium, Plus, or Regular, drivers are seeing a big difference when it comes gas prices. In southwest Georgia it's hovering just above $3.

Since June prices have fallen over 30 cents, that's about 10 cents a month.

(Do you remember the last time you paid something that low?)

"No," Driver Curtis Hart said.

"I don't have to put in as often as I normally do," Ann Smalls said.

Albany driver Schetyna Hayslip says it typically takes $40 to fill up her SUV.

"And now I can put in 25 to 30."

For Cutis Hart, his Chrysler Sebring can now manage a few days of drive time with just $10.

"At this car right here I can put half a tank," Hart continued. "So, that's pretty good."

Part of the change is due to entering a new season, during colder months the industry switches over to the less expensive winter blend.

In the coming weeks we'll be at the all time low in the past four years. Analysts say drivers in over 30 states can expect gas prices to fall under $3 a gallon.

That means all the green saved can go toward something else.

"Get more stuff for the house," Driver Shawn Crosby said.

"Food and bills," Hayslip said.

Drivers agree, every penny counts.

According to Gas buddy, the average price is $3.37 nationwide.


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