Albany parents go back to school for curriculum night

Albany parents go back to school for curriculum night
Kamila Parker and Justina Jones, Parents
Kamila Parker and Justina Jones, Parents
Valerie West, Parent Facilitator
Valerie West, Parent Facilitator

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Some parents went back to school and took part in classes at an Albany elementary school.The curriculum night was organized around the state's new standardized test system. Jackson Height Elementary officials want parents to understand the tests and how important parental involvement is in their child's academic success.

It's the parents turn to go to school.

"They're back in the classroom," said Brian Simon, Jackson Heights Elementary School Principal.

Parents came to Jackson Heights Elementary's first Family Curriculum night where they engaged in hands on activities in Science, Math and Language Arts for grades 1 through 5. For some it was like reliving the past.

"It was ok," said Justina Jones, Parent.

"It was a blast in the past for me," said Kamila Parker.

The new Georgia Milestones Assessment System focuses heavily on writing. Parent Facilitator, Valerie West, thought it would be a good idea for parents to understand what their children learn in the classroom everyday.

"Curriculum night is geared around writing and the parents will go into the classrooms and learn what the children were taught earlier today," said Valerie West, Parent Facilitator.

"About the life cycle of a frog and how it came out and how it developed into a frog," said Jones.

Parents answered questions from teachers. Kamila Parker got up to talk about the life cycle of a frog which she says was a little nerve racking.

"Yes I am, I still am nervous right now," said Parker.

"They were willing to participate so it was just a great atmosphere for the parents," said West.

Principal Brian Simon says this open dialogue between parents and teachers can also help children at home.

"So I saw what you did in the classroom, so how can I transparent that to what is done at home," said Simon.

"It was good for me because I honestly had the chance to notice whether or not he's understanding the wide picture of the lesson," said Parker.

School officials plan to hold a similar event for parents during the school day sometime this school year. In October, school officials will hold a workshop for their computerized system known as "Infinite Campus" that will allow parents to check their child's grades, assignment, schedules and school fees.

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