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Low gas prices in Albany

Randy Small, Driver Randy Small, Driver

Gas prices are cheaper in Albany than just about any place in the southeast.

We found at the Fast lane on Sylvester Road and Big E's Country store on Cordele Road $2.96 cents a gallon. Triple-A says the average in Albany right now is $3.06 a gallon. That's substantially less than any other metro area in Georgia, and cheaper than only three cities in any of our neighboring states.

We talked to one driver who has a long commute from Montezuma to the Marine base for work. He's grateful for the lower prices.

"I think it's great, because I commute an hour away from here,” said Randy Small. “So, it's about thirty cents more where I live at. So I make sure I get it here than where I'm from."

It's been almost three and half years since the average price for regular unleaded in Georgia was less than $3.00 a gallon.

According to gas buddy. Com, Albany stations have eight of the 10 cheapest prices in the state right now.

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