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Murder victim's family shocked, overwhelmed

David Moore David Moore
Eugene Courdle (left), Mattie Courdle (right) Eugene Courdle (left), Mattie Courdle (right)
WILLACOOCHEE, GA (WALB) - An Atkinson County man remained behind bars after being arrested Friday, charged with murdering his estranged wife over four years ago.

Clarence Bennet Gaskins appeared in Magistrate Court in Atkinson County Monday morning, where he was formally charged with murdering his estranged wife, Rosie Courdle Gaskins, on March 7th, 2010.

"How can I be charged with this if I ain't done nothin'?" Gaskins asked the judge.

Rosie Gaskins' parents said emotions had been running high since they received the news of the arrest on Friday. "Shocked. Relief. Overwhelming. It's been an emotional weekend," said Mattie Courdle, Rosie's mother.

Rosie Gaskin was found on a dirt road by a Willacoochee city worker. She was in the driver's seat of her car and had been shot once. "Although this was four and a half years, we didn't quit. My office, the GBI, local law enforcement. It was just a case we felt like we had to solve," David Moore, Atkinson County Sheriff, explained. "The final straw that made us make the arrest was the forensics, all the forensics coming in."

But Rosie's parents are anticipating more emotional days ahead as they await the trial of the man accused of killing their daughter. "We know it's gonna be emotional, but it's been long waiting, long time waiting," said Rosie's mother.

As they wait, Rosie's father, Eugene, will continue to grow his beard, which he has been growing for over a year and vows not to shave until they get a conviction. He also has a tattoo of a rose on his forearm to remind of his daughter. A daughter the family thinks about every day.

"It's been past time. It's just time to get this straight," Rosie's mother stated.

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