Warwick Fire Department opens

Warwick Fire Department opens

WARWICK, GA (WALB) - The Warwick Fire Department is now officially opened for business.

Firefighters say before before the new station, the nearest location was about 20 miles away.

Battalion Chief John Graddy says now they'll be able to respond quicker to calls, especially for folks who live out on lake Blackshear.

They'll also be able to save more people and property.

ISO rating will also be lower, which means home insurance premiums will not be sky high.

"Lot of residents on the lake and a lot of elderly residents on the lake and that are up in age and once that happens its more vulnerable to not being able to get out on their own and do things on their own and to have someone here, we are able to go in and get them out a lot quicker," says Battalion Chief John Graddy.

He says firefighters and EMS will now be there 24 hours, seven days a week.

They'll have two firefighters, and two EMS workers on staff to respond.

This comes after Worth County commissioners recently voted to reinstate the fire department.

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