Veteran's health services officially open at MCLB Albany

Veteran's health services officially open at MCLB Albany

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Friday, officials at the Marine Corps Logistics Base held the opening ceremony for their new VA Clinic.

The VA outpatient clinic is officially open for patient care. The move is a joint effort between the Marine Corps, the Navy, and Veteran Affairs.

"It provides two things, veterans in the area about 6,000 in this area a place for them to receive care onboard a U.S. Military installation. It's also provides our marines on Albany with a chance to share services with the V. A." said John LeFavour, Commanding Officer, Naval Hospital Jacksonville.

The collaborative effort has been in the works for years. The agreement to move the clinic was signed back in March.

Officials say it's been a smooth transition, and they have room to grow.

"We need more physicians, nursing wise we are staffed pretty good,' said John Goldman, Director Carl Vinson VAMC.

Traveling long distances for care was the number one concern for vets.

This clinic is said to be a step up from the previous contracted clinic in downtown Albany, which only provided basic care.

"I've actually come here twice to check it out; it's a great resource for this community it keeps vets from traveling hours away to get treatment. The contract clinic we had before we had a lot of complaints," said Jason Maxwell, Army veteran.

And official plan to keep expanding services.

"As we move in here, were bringing additional services that are also available to the Marines and retirees. Podiatry, optometry, physical therapy which are currently not available in this clinic," said John Goldman.

There's also a mental health facility located across from the Naval Branch Health Clinic.

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