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Apple releases new iPhone 6

iPhone user Corey Jackson iPhone user Corey Jackson
Albany AT&T store manager Josh Garcia Albany AT&T store manager Josh Garcia

A black, bitten apple never looked so good, at least if it's plastered on your phone.

Friday morning, Apple launched their newest product, the iPhone 6. Some people can't wait to get their hands on them.

"I'm just an Apple guy. I just like Apple because of the organization and the graphics," iPhone user Corey Jackson said.

Apparently thousands of other loyal customers feel the same way. The multi-billion dollar company rolled out pre-orders for the new gadgets and sold over 4 million within hours. Apple CEO, Tim Cook, said it set a new record for the company.

So, why all the hype?

"Being it's a new launch the device changes," Albany AT&T store manager Joshua Garcia said. "It's a different sleek, thinner design, they've improved the HD display on it."

"I had the 4S and I got the 5C," Jackson continued. "And I'm hopefully going to get the 6."

As long as he can manage waiting in line.

"We are going to be fully staffed, we are going to have plenty of coverage on the floor to help assist our customers," Garcia said. "We'll have people assist them with the lines and getting people in and out of the store as quickly as possible."

So, iPhone users can get to the more important things in life, like heads up.

Customers who have already pre-ordered their phones should not visit stores, as the product is processing and will be sent to the desired location.

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