Neighbors complain, quell cannon fire in Tifton

Neighbors complain, quell cannon fire in Tifton

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - Neighbors have gotten the result they wanted after complaining about a loud propane cannon used to help with research in Tifton.

Officials at the University of Georgia, Tifton campus used the cannon to scare deer and wild hogs away from their research peanut crops.

People living around the Bowen Research farm complained about the loud blasts they heard several times a day.

The cannon was removed Thursday.

"So if animals get in there, they can destroy research and bias the results and can draw wrong conclusions," said Dr. Joe West of UGA Tifton. "So we try to do things to support our scientist to make sure their research is as accurate as possible. Ultimately, it goes to the farmer and can affect profitability."

UGA said they plan to turn the cannons in different directions and use them only on isolated fields in the future.

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