Crisp County explains relationship between accused killers and victim

Crisp County explains relationship between accused killers and victim

CRISP CO., GA (WALB) - The Crisp County Sheriff says two murder suspects, and the man they're charged with killing, were gang members.

Rocquel Chavers and Rontavious Towns remain in jail after their arrest yesterday in the murder of Jasperin Armstrong, but investigators continue to work the case and say they're making progress in another murder investigation.

"We still have one of the biggest hurdles to overcome. We've got to prosecute and bring these people to justice," said Sheriff Billy Hancock.

Investigators believe that Chavers and Towns took Armstrong from Cordele before shooting him and dumping him on Ferry Landing Road.

Chavers is accused with pulling the trigger.

"We have all the confidence and evidence that supports that we was in fact the trigger man," said Hancock.

Hancock and his deputies are still working to find a motive, gun, and exact relationship between the three, but they do have an idea.

"Our evidence would lead us to believe that their is a known gang or what they call theirselves in Cordele, and that all three of these at some time or another, had been or are still in that gang," said Hancock.

Another homicide from September 7th remains unsolved. Sheriff Hancock is pleading for the community's help to find whoever shot Ashley Garry in her home on September 7th.

He said locating a TV stolen from her home could be the big break they need.

"If you know somebody that has that tv or you know someone who bought a tv, they're not necessarily in trouble, but that's the information we need to lead us back to who was in that home," said Hancock.

Until that tip comes, investigators will continue to work around the clock.

Sheriff Hancock says they are still trying to figure out how well Armstrong knew his accused killers. One of the suspects is from Bainbridge, and

Decatur County deputies are working to locate the gun.

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