Viewpoint: Americus City Council

Viewpoint: Americus City Council

The Americus City Council is considering taking away what should be a citizen's basic right. Council members voted to draft an ordinance that would prohibit any member of the public from addressing the council during meetings. They would have to present any concerns in writing instead.

City leaders say a handful of vocal critics repeatedly use the platform to attack council members personally. Anyone who runs for public office should expect public criticism, but if people are abusing their right to address the council, there are easy ways to solve that problem.

Pass rules that limit the number of times you can come before council and the length of time you speak. Make speakers agree to address the meeting with respect, without any name-calling or insults or offensive comments.

Taking away the rights of the many because you don't like the actions of a few is a ridiculous over-reaction. Any elected official willing to resort to that extreme doesn't deserve to have that job.

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