Deliberations resume in salmonella trial

Deliberations resume in salmonella trial

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - We are getting closer to hearing deliberations in the deadly salmonella outbreak case. Three people have been charged for knowingly distributing tainted peanuts that sickened hundreds of people, and killed nine between 2008 and 2009.

Late last week closing statements were held.

The attorney of former PCA owner Stewart Parnell said his client including his family consumed his plant's products and didn't think they were hazardous.

He goes on to say the government didn't want to go up against larger corporations, so they came after a small business owner.

The attorney of Michael Parnell, Stewart's sibling, said he had no personal relationship with his brother and was not part of any conspiracy to defraud their customers.

The brothers are charged with money and wire fraud, and introducing adulterated and mis-branded food into interstate commerce.

Former plant quality assurance manager, Mary Wilkerson, is facing two charges of obstruction of justice.

Jurors were handed a 71-page verdict form Friday after closing arguments were presented.

Defense Attorney Charlie Peeler says depending on the strength of the case and evidence deliberations can take longer if its a close call compared to cases where one side has obvious leverage. Peeler says attorneys are reflecting on the trial, thinking about how the witnesses presented themselves and the impact of the evidence.

He says at this point it's just a waiting game.

WALB will have a crew at the start of the deliberations Thursday morning. Stay with us and we continue to gather new information.

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