Arrest made in Albany convenience store robberies

Arrest made in Albany convenience store robberies
Armed robbery at Dawson Rd Shell
Armed robbery at Dawson Rd Shell
Shell Station
Shell Station

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Police have arrested a man they say is responsible for robberies at Flash Foods and Woodall's in Albany.

Antonio Lamont Brantley, 43 was arrested Wednesday.


A third robbery happened at a Shell station on Dawson Road earlier in the night. A man entered from the wooded side of the parking lot before pulling a gun on the two employees. Brantley is not charged in this robbery.

Just after 10:30 Tuesday night, a masked gunman came into the Dawson Road Shell station demanding money, and he got it. he got more than $700 from the cash register, but it wasn't the only robbery last night.

The second armed robbery happened less than three hours later at the Flash Foods on North Slappey. The third robbery happened at the Woodall's on East Ogelthorpe this morning at 6 AM. The Albany Police Department has not said if they think the three are related.

Brantley is accused with coming up to Woodall's Wednesday morning, unmasked, wearing a tanktop, saying he had a gun, although he never showed it. The owner says two things come to his mind when he gets a call about a robbery.

"Foremost, you worry about someone getting hurt, and then you hate to incur any losses. We try not to keep enough money in the register to encourage anyone to come in and want to take it," said Wright Woodall.

Albany Police say the robber is Antonio Brantley. He only got $100. Just 5 hours earlier, he went into Flash Foods and did the same thing.

"For what they got, I'm sure when they left, they realized it wasn't worth the risk they took for the price they'll probably pay," said Woodall.

Woodall says being robbed is a risk you take when you open up a convenience store.

"It's part of this business unfortunately. Anywhere you have cash, you run the risk of being robbed. Whether you're a bank, or a convenient store, or a restaurant, it's just become too common place," said Woodall.

Although one guman got away, the victims remain hopeful that justice will be done.

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