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Valdosta takes another step towards solving sewer issues

Henry Hicks Henry Hicks

The Valdosta utilities department is taking another step towards eliminating the city's sewer issues.

A contract crew was out Wednesday vacuuming out sections of pipe on Linda Drive, Howellbrook Drive, and Roosevelt Drive. This will allow them to insert a permanent lining into the pipes in those areas to seal off the leaks and cracks. Many of Valdosta's sewer pipes are made of clay and have started to crack, causing sewage to leak into rain water pipes and eventually overflow out of manholes throughout the city.

"It eliminates inflow and infiltration around cracks, joints, that were leaking. These were found as a result of the smoke testing," said utilities director Henry Hicks. The work is expected to be completed in the next 30 days, weather permitting.

The city hopes to have the entire sewer system smoke tested and all cracks and leaks identified within the next four years. The utilities department currently plans to insert these new linings into five more sections of sewer piping throughout the city by the end of the year, based on where the smoke testing determines there are leaks and cracks.

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