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Cook Co. High student arrested for gun at school


The Cook County Sheriff's Office says a high school student was arrested Wednesday morning for bringing a gun on campus.

High School officials said the school was not placed under lockdown at the time, but students were being kept in their class.

According to a report from the school, a 17-year-old male student brought a loaded .22 pistol into the cafeteria just after 7 a.m.

Officials said the gun was in a small bag.

They were alerted by the boy's grandmother who called and said the boy, who was not named, was upset with his girlfriend and may have brought a weapon to the school.

The student was found and confronted by law enforcement in the school cafeteria, where they said he ran to the student parking lot where he was caught and arrested.

The teen was taken to the Cook County Sheriff's Office.

School administrators said they plan to proceed for the rest of the day as normal.

Cook County Schools released a statement Wednesday morning:

We had a very serious incident occur this morning at CHS that I want to make everyone aware of. A seventeen year old white male student brought a loaded 22 pistol into the cafeteria at approximately 7:05. The pistol was in a small drawstring bag. We received a tip from the boy's grandmother that he was upset with his girlfriend and may have brought a weapon to school. Law enforcement was immediately alerted and sent to CHS. The student was confronted in the lunchroom by law enforcement and he proceeded to run into the student parking lot where he was apprehended and arrested without incident.

He is currently being booked at the Cook County Sheriff's Department. Everything is fine. We have students in extended advisement and are not allowing anyone to leave class until 9:00 A.M. The CHS administration and I are meeting with the BOE attorney at 8:30 am. We will release a statement to the media through the BOE attorney later this morning. If you have calls, please refer them to the website.

We intend for the rest of the school day to proceed as normal at CHS once students are returned to class at 9:00 A.M.

Thankfully, our school safety procedures were carried out and worked well in avoiding anyone from being seriously injured. We would like to thank the Cook County SSheriff'sDepartment for their swift action to help avert a tragedy. I would also like to commend the CHS staff members and administration for the professional manner in which they handled this very serious matter.

This is a stark reminder to all of us about just how serious the matter of school safety truly is at all times.


Mr. Lance Heard, Superintendent

Cook County Schools

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