Peanut harvest set to begin

Peanut harvest set to begin

DOERUN, GA (WALB) - Harvest season is about to begin for one of south Georgia's top crops: peanuts.

County Extension agents are helping farmers determine the maturity level of their crops.

The darker the peanuts, the more mature they are and the closer they are to being ready to harvest.

A farmer in Doerun said recent rain makes him want to get his peanuts out of the ground a few days early.

"This is the first day I brought some of my earliest planted and we're looking at another 7-14 days, but with the weather were going to have to start a few days earlier cause we have a few acres to get done," said farmer Josh Grantham.

"This is a good tool to determine when is the time to get them and the correct time for the maturity," said Colquitt County Extension Agent Jeremy Kichler.

Agents says now is a good time for farmers to consult with the extension service to make decisions about their crops.

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