Fake money showing up at convenience stores in Moultrie

Fake money showing up at convenience stores in Moultrie

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - Police are investigating several counterfeit cases in Moultrie. They're trying to track down the sources.

Investigators say several fake $20 bills were passed at two different times on September 11th at the Susie-Q convenience store on Highway 319 North. Investigators say the bills have the same serial code printed on the money. Right now, they are trying to locate the people who tried to use the fake money. Police say the money was rejected after the clerk used a money marker pin to determine it was fake.

"They returned it to the individuals. In one instances, the individuals stuck around to talk to the officers who came to confiscate the money. In one instance, the gentleman who tried to pass the fake money left the scene after it was determined the money was fake. If you don't have the marker pens, get the marker pens. They have dates on it and if it's out of date get a new one. Use them, if the money come back fake calls us immediately. Stall them because we like to talk to them find out where the money came from. They may not know its fake money," said Investigator David Jones.

Police say there are certain identifying features on the money to tell if it's the real deal. Right now, this case is still under investigation.

Police say there were three cases in the last week where people tried to use fake money at convenience stores. One man went to police after he found out a bill he had was counterfeit.

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