Georgia State Patrol on alert for semi trucks

Georgia State Patrol on alert for semi trucks

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - State troopers say Georgia ranks fourth in the nation for fatal crashes involving commercial vehicles.

On Monday the State Patrol launched a 72-hour crackdown on unsafe commercial vehicle drivers on Interstate 85.

Southern Ag Carriers say they spend time everyday working on safety, inspecting their trucks and training drivers to prevent crashes.

Troopers urge other drivers to share the road safely.

"Our safety concerns for the motoring public has to be at the forefront of every action that we do here at Southern Ag Carriers," said Southern Ag Carriers Director of Safety Billy Erskine.

"They are carrying 80,000 pounds or more," said Shawn Urquhart with Georgia State Patrol. "So if you pull out in front of a large commercial vehicle, the chances of them being able to stop in time is tremendously low."

The State Patrol crackdown will target truckers who impaired or distracted by texting.

Southern Ag carries 90,000 loads each year.

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