Historic Moultrie mural uncovered after building demolition

Historic Moultrie mural uncovered after building demolition
Chas Cannon
Chas Cannon

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - A piece of Moultrie's history has been revealed after an old tobacco warehouse was demolished.

The building that was demolished belonged to Colquitt County Administrator Chas Cannon's family, who's called the city home for generations.

"The building is about 80 years old. It used to be an old tobacco warehouse called the Taylor Atlantic Building. My family actually owned it about 30 years. We sold it back in December of the past year, 2013 and since them it's changed hands twice."

But the warehouse had to come down and during demolition something unexpected appeared from the rubble. A mural that reads "Bake with Ballard's Obelisk Flour" was found on the building next door and like a memory, it came back to Moultrie.

Through internet research of his own, Cannon says the mural's history is much bigger than the city's. Ballard's Obelisk Flour was once a well-known company out of Louisville Kentucky. No one knows when the mural was painted on the adjacent building but Cannon knows it was more than 80 years ago.

"Once one of the largest flour producers in the world, founded in 1880. Sold the company in 1950 to Pillsbury. We all know Pillsbury but we don't know the company Ballard's."

Cannon says ever since the mural was uncovered, people have been stopping by and taking pictures as they pass through town to get a little piece of history. He also gets to see the historic discovery every day now as he walks into work.

Cannon doesn't know what is next for the mural but he is hoping the city's historic preservation commission will help preserve what may be the last ad for a company that hasn't existed in more than 60 years.

WALB has tried contacting the Moultrie Historic Preservation commission about what's next for the mural. We have not yet heard back from them.

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