Suspicious fires in Douglas continues around town

Suspicious fires in Douglas continues around town

DOUGLAS, GA (WALB) - Another possible arson is under investigation in Douglas.

Investigators set up a tip line they hope will help solve a series of fires.

Investigators with the Douglas Police and Fire Department are working to solve several suspicious fires. They say the first step is citizens reporting the crimes.

A home on North Wheeler Street is the latest property burned in a suspected arson.

Douglas Police and Fire investigators call the September 7th fire is suspicious. They're investigating a series of fires since July.

"Most of them happened in or near residential areas, we've had some response from the community and we followed up on every lead we had," said Sgt. Robert Sprinkle.

A tip line called See Something, Say something has been setup to report suspicious activity regarding fires and other crimes.

"Along with the fire department and the state fire marshal's office. We're asking with the see something; see something, if you see something to say something," said Sgt. Sprinkle.

This home on Pearl Avenue caught fire in August. These two properties were destroyed by fire in July. And police say no one has been arrested for the suspected arsons. They're not sure if the fires are related.

"Contact us even if it seems insignificant around the time of these arsons or any crime, gives us a call," said Sgt. Sprinkle.

The Georgia Arson Control Board still has a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to convictions in the arson cases.

Police want to remind citizens, you can call the tip line anonymously at 912-260-3600.

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