"Ban The Box" offers job help to South Georgia former inmates

"Ban The Box" offers job help to South Georgia former inmates

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Organizers of a nationwide movement to help former inmates find jobs met with Albany City and Dougherty County commissioners Monday.

"Ban the Box" wants to remove questions about whether you've been arrested or convicted of a felony from employment applications.

Organizers asked commissioners to require contractors on local government jobs not to include those questions on applications.

They say that will help former inmates get job interviews rather than being eliminated without a chance.

9 to 5 Atlanta lead organizer Marilynn Winn said "When a person goes to fill out an application or go for a job interview they will get a fair chance at an interview.  Based on skills, education, and qualifications instead of being opt out from the beginning."

Ban The Box organizers say each year about 475 people return from prison to Dougherty County.  

They say eliminating the arrest conviction box on employment applications will help more of them find jobs and keep them out of trouble.

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