Dougherty Co. to meet, discuss controversial Sabal pipeline

Dougherty Co. to meet, discuss controversial Sabal pipeline

Some Dougherty County residents are outraged at the proposed site of a gas pipeline compressor station.

They want county leaders to help them fight it.

The controversial Sabal Trail pipeline would run from Alabama, through south Georgia to Florida.

It would include a compressor station near Hwy. 91 in Dougherty County.

Commissioners say the proposed site is near hundreds of homes.

Residents worry it would increase noise, displace the wildlife, and cause health problems.

"There are clinical studies that show that some noise can disrupt people with seizure disorders. My husband suffers from seizure disorders," said resident Jennifer Maloney.

"We understand infrastructure and the need for infrastructure," said County Chairman Jeff Sinyard. "But to put a compressor station where they're planning to put it doesn't make common sense, doesn't make business sense, it doesn't make liability sense."

Commissioner Sinyard said he's not sure why the company behind the pipeline chose the location.

The county plans to hold a meeting with stakeholders and developers soon to discuss their concerns.

A meeting for residents is scheduled for September 27th at 10 a.m. in the Albany Police Department Community Room.

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