For officers, danger can surface at any time

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - Law enforcement officers say they know each call they respond to could turn violent, and they have to face their job with that thought in mind everyday.

As Sgt. Travis Davis and the Dougherty County Sheriff's Warrant team knock on a door at an apartment on Swift Street to arrest a man wanted for a probation violation, they remember. The recent shooting of Monroe County deputies reminds them to be ready for anything.

"We do talk about it occasionally," said Davis. Especially when something like this happens."

Sheriff Kevin Sproul said everyday his deputies are reminded never to treat any call as routine.

"When you become routine minded, you get a little complacent. And complacency will get you killed or seriously hurt," said Sproul.

Sgt. Davis has been a deputy for almost 24 years. He knows when he has his uniform on, someone could be looking at him as an enemy.

"It's a mindset that we have," echoed Davis, "that we are going to come to work. We're going to do our job. We are going to do what we have to do and do it as safely as possible to keep the public and ourselves safe. And go home at night when we get off work."

Sheriff Sproul said he and his deputies all pray for the Monroe County deputy and his family.

"It doesn't shock me but it does affect me," said Sproul. "Because that is another brother that lost his life protecting you and I."

Officers say that is the way they have to face their jobs everyday, knowing the dangers that come with their badge.

Sheriff Sproul said training officers around the state will study the Monroe County shooting when the investigation is completed to help other officers be prepared if they face a similar threat.

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