Dawson Mayor reacts to threatening phone calls

Dawson Mayor reacts to threatening phone calls

"They're trying to move in around here or something man,You better get them out of here." That's part of a voicemail left on Dawson Mayor Christopher Wright's office phone.

Right now Dawson police are working to trace the call and find out who left that voicemail on the Mayor Christopher Wright's phone.

It's been almost a year since Wright was shot multiple times in an ambush in his home.

Wright says he's concerned, and that's why he decided to contact police.

"I felt threatened, although I wasn't threatened directly, and I felt like it needed to be handled," says Mayor Christopher Wright.

He says these days he's always on alert.

"I stay that way, I'm very cautious of people and things that are said, you never really can tell, but I manage," says Wright.

While the caller seems forceful, Wright doesn't want the community to be scared.

"I dont want citizens to be alarmed. The public safety department will take care of this matter," he says.

But Public Safety Director Charlie Whitehead considers the caller a threat.

"His tone was harsh in nature and he was direct and tthat'swhy from my experience, I took it as a threat," says Charlie Whitehead, Public Safety Director.

Police plan to trace the call, and see if they can track the caller down.

"We are going to go ahead and try to trace the calls and hopefully we can find the origin, and if we do hopefully we will put someone in jail because we want to protect the mayor as well as any other citizen here," says Whitehead.

Wright also found the driver side window of his city car smashed in, but police are not sure if that's related to the phone messages.

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