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Dawson residents react to old funeral home fire

Jacob Peters, Dawson Resident Jacob Peters, Dawson Resident
Phil Quan Smith, Dawson Resident Phil Quan Smith, Dawson Resident
Vickie Register, Dawson Resident Vickie Register, Dawson Resident

Fire officials are still investigating what caused the old Dawson funeral home to catch on fire.

Heavy flames shot out the roof of the Old Harvey Funeral Home on Crawford Street Saturday night, as Dawson and Terrell County Firefighters worked around the clock to put out the flames. Residents say the street was filled with black smoke.

"As I came outside it was so smoky you couldn't hardly see,” said Vickie Register, Dawson Resident. “So when I put on some shoes and I started walking down to the end of the road there, as I got to the end of the road I saw the house was just flaming up in flames."

"They were big and when they put it out it got bigger and then it went down,” said Phil Quan Smith, Dawson Resident.

Jacob Peters says traffic had to be diverted while firefighters worked the house fire.

"All the roads were blocked off, so I had to go around 6th Avenue up on Gray Street to try to take a look and see exactly what was going on," said Jacob Peters, Dawson Resident.

The building is still standing, but the roof is destroyed. Peters says it's sad to see a historical go up in flames.

"A lot of people are upset over the situation because it's been here a long time,” said Peters. “It's historic, so a lot of people are taken back by what happened."

Investigators say the owner moved out of the house over a year ago, and it's been used as storage ever since. No one was inside at the time of the fire.

"To see the house just flaming up and no one lived there, I'm just so grateful and thankful because it could've been worse and could've got out of hand," said Register.

"It makes me feel good that nobody was dead or anything," said Smith.

Firefighters put out the blaze around 3:00 a.m. and managed to keep the fire from spreading to the current funeral home next door.

The State Fire Marshal's Office will be out on Monday investigating the cause of the fire.

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