Armed robbery victim speaks out

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An armed robbery victim is speaking out about her scary ordeal at an Albany business Friday night.

23-year-old Kinyoco Redding is a cashier at Fred's on North Slappey Boulevard. She says she's lucky to be alive after a masked man entered the front door Friday night, held a gun to her head and demanded money.

"He had on normal clothes you know, and when he ran up in there he didn't have the gun at first, but as he approached me he came around the counter and that's when he drew the gun on me and told me "B" give me the money," said Kinyoco Redding, Victim.

Police say the man was wearing a beige skull cap mask, a tropical designed shirt and dark colored pants. Redding says the man was in the building for about six minutes before leaving with $600.

"I complied with him and gave him the money, whatever he wanted me to do," said Redding. "I just kept begging and pleading with him, don't kill me. You can have anything just don't kill me."

Redding says she kept thinking about her two children as the gun was drawn to her head.

"I'm a 23 year old young girl, I have two kids and I work hard for what I do," said Redding. "To work hard and have a gun drawn on you that's like a scary feeling."

Redding say she would like to see more lights and security around the building during closing time.

There is surveillance video, but so far it hasn't been released. Redding hopes someone will recognize the man, and contact police.

"I really want the dude to be caught because he's not only going to do it here, he might do it somewhere else," said Redding. "I just don't want nobody else's life to be in jeopardy like mine was last night."

Despite the robbery, Redding says she will continue to work at Fred's so she can support her two children. If you have any information about the armed robbery call Crimestoppers at 436-TIPS.

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