11 ways you can combat credit card fraud

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - After more than 150 counterfeit credit cards and credit card skimming devices were found in a traffic stop in Lowndes County, Georgia, officials are reminding the public to help keep transactions secure.

Lowndes County Sheriff Chris Prine urges everyone to take these steps to help keep fraud down:

Don't give your account number to anyone on the telephone unless you've made the call to a

company you know to be reputable. If you've never done business with them before, do an online search first for reviews or complaints.

Carry your cards separately from your wallet. It can minimize your losses if someone steals your wallet or purse. And carry only the card you need for that outing.

During a transaction, keep your eye on your card. Make sure you get it back before you walk away.

Never sign a blank receipt. Draw a line through any blank spaces above the total.

Save your receipts to compare with your statement.

Open your bills promptly — or check them online often — and reconcile them with the purchases you've made.

Report any questionable charges to the card issuer.

Notify your card issuer if your address changes or if you will be traveling.

Don't write your account number on the outside of an envelope.

Report Losses and Fraud

If you are the victim of fraud, call the card issuer as soon as you realize your card has been lost or stolen. Many companies have toll-free numbers and 24 hour service to deal with this.

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