9/11 Memorial held at Albany Mal

9/11 Memorial held at Albany Mal

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - South Georgians gathered for a 9/11 memorial service Thursday night at the Albany Mall.

Despite the fact that the attacks happened in New York and Washington D.C. many still feel the pain of the tragedy

"It was a tragedy that affected the whole country," Albany Police Department Captain Angel Bradford said. "It brought us together as Americans. It erased all the walls and the boundaries."

"A lot of lives were lost and you know that needs to be remembered so that it doesn't happen again," Vietnam veteran Charles Slaughter said. "It happened in New York, Washington, it can happen here."

While Slaughter mourns the loss of others, he realized just how close the attacks were to directly impacting his family.

"It was almost unreal," Slaughter said. "I have a cousin that just didn't go to work because he had to go to a funeral. He had not gone to the funeral he would have been right there in one of the twin towers."

Thursday's ceremony comes just a day after President Obama issued a new attack plan against ISIS, a terrorist organization that poses new global threats. Both say they are behind the president and confident ISIS will be destroyed.

"Well it reminds me of a quote that I heard after the bombing of Pearl Harbor," Bradford said. "The Japanese Admiral said that he was afraid that he awakened a sleeping giant and I want ISIS to feel that same fear."

"We just have to face it and get rid of it," Slaughter said. "I believe the President will do what's necessary to keep America safe."

New reports Thursday say that ISIS troop numbers are actually three times more than previous estimates ranging between 20,000 to 32,000 across Iraq and Syria.

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