Albany firefighters build "mini-firetruck" to educate kids

Albany firefighters build "mini-firetruck" to educate kids

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany Firefighters are willing to use thrown out junk in their effort to teach fire safety to children.

Firefighters found this mule all terrain vehicle discarded as city surplus equipment after it stopped working.

In their down time firefighters repaired it and are converting it into a miniature fire truck.

They plan to take it to schools in their fire education program.

Deputy Chief Ron Rowe said "We're going to make it look like a real fire truck, as close as we can.  And I believe it will be on a smaller size, then the kids will be able to relate better to it."

Firefighters estimate they spent about $700  for parts to get it up and running.

They plan to debut the mini fire truck at their annual Fire Safety Program at the Albany Civic Center on October 8th.

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