Crisp murder leaves boy asking for help

Crisp murder leaves boy asking for help

CORDELE, GA (WALB) - The 10-year-old son of a Crisp County murder victim joins investigators to plead for information to catch the killer. 27-year-old Ashley Garry was gunned down in her home over the weekend.

Sheriff Billy Hancock says investigators have dedicated more than 700 man hours on this case already. GBI agents and sheriff's deputies have been working around the clock to make sure they put the killer in jail.

Family members and law enforcement came together today in Crisp County, pleading for the public's help. No one wants it more than Ashley Garry's 10 year old son Jarmal.

"I'm very sad and I hope they find who did this and when they do I will appreciate it and I will thank them a lot," said Jarmal Hill.

No arrests have been made since Garry was shot inside her Crisp County home Saturday night or Sunday morning. Sheriff Billy Hancock says they don't investigate many murders, but when they do, they usually solve them quickly.

"This is the first homicide since 2011 outside the city limits of Cordele, and the first since 1997 that this agency hasn't, along with the people you see here, hasn't solved within three days of the incident," said Sheriff Hancock.

Investigators are putting up these brochures throughout Cordele to encourage people to come forward with tips.

"Whether they think it's relevant or not, we need that information. Who did they see, who did they not see in the area, did you see a vehicle in the area, did you see somebody walking in the area," said Hancock.

GBI agents and Crisp County deputies have not named a suspect or a motive but say they have eliminated some people from the list.

"We can say with a pretty good degree of certainty that some individuals close to the case have been interviewed very thoroughly and we don't believe that some of the individuals that are closest to the victim are going to be responsible," said GBI Agent Brian Smith.

Garry's family just hopes whoever is responsible is found soon.

Sheriff Hancock says a TV was stolen from Garry's house. He wants anyone who bought a TV that may have been stolen to come forward.

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