Ceremony held at MCLB Albany to honor 9/11 victims

Ceremony held at MCLB Albany to honor 9/11 victims


A solemn ceremony was held at the Marine Corps Logistics Base Thursday morning in honor of the victims of the September 11th terror attacks.

13 years later and the memory of that tragic day still comes rushing back for Colonel Don Davis."You remember exactly where you were, what you were doing, who you were talking to, and the feelings that you had as you watched it on live television of the airplanes crashing into the tower," said Colonel Davis, MCLB Albany Commanding officer.

That memory is what drives the Colonel and other base officials to again stand in observance for the ceremony at the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany. Marines and first responders gathered around our flag to not only reflect on the 9/11 attacks but to honor those that still serve and protect our country today.

"It's to remind us and an opportunity to remember what that day meant and how it changed the course of history and the course of our country."

Colonel Davis says the message this day brings is even more important with the recent threat from Islamic State Militants. He says now, more than ever, the American people should remember how our country came together as a nation after that day. "Remember the fallen of that day. Remember who has fallen since and remember that what you do here on a day to day basis which contributes to whether or not their deaths were in vain."

The ceremony wrapped up with a prayer and a moment of silence, to commemorate all of those lives lost on that day that will never be forgotten.

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