Lowndes Co. officials, first responders remember 9/11

Lowndes Co. officials, first responders remember 9/11

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Lowndes County commissioners, sheriff's deputies, firefighters, and emergency responders held a memorial ceremony Thursday morning at the September 11th memorial in front of the historic Lowndes County Courthouse in downtown Valdosta.

County Commissioner Chairman Bill Slaughter recalled the timeline of the attacks on September 11th and then he and Vice Chairman Crawford Powell placed a wreath in front of the memorial.

"These people gave their lives," said Chairman Slaughter, speaking of the first responders who died responding to the attack. "They were doin' their duty, honoring their pledge that they had made not only to their country but their communities, and they were doin' what they were required to do. It's not something that every individual in this country can do."

The city of Valdosta also held a ceremony in honor of September 11th at the fire station on South Oak Street.

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