Father charged with murdering 5 kids awaiting extradition

Coming up on Today in Georgia, South Carolina authorities are in Mississippi this morning where they will extradite the father charged with murdering his 5 children and dumping their bodies.

On the anniversary on the 9-11 terror attack, we're live from the Field of Flags outside the Albany mall. We'll have look back at the tragic day that unfolded 13 years ago.

We'll have the latest on President Obama's address to the nation in which he laid out his plan to defeat ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria.

More 2 dozen people are in jail this morning following another protest in Ferguson, Missouri. What the protesters did that landed them in jail.

A Stewart County woman is killed in a house fire. We'll explain why the GBI is now involved.

And how much would you pay for a parking spot? The whopping amount some people are willing dish out for a convenient parking space in the Big Apple.

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