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Veterans remember fallen heroes

Marvin Mixon, veteran Marvin Mixon, veteran
Richard Chaffin, veteran Richard Chaffin, veteran
Red, white and blue, for many Americans it represents freedom, for others, it's a reminder of those who have fallen.

"It could have been us. We can't forget out brothers and sisters," Veteran Marvin Mixon said.

 Mixon joined the Marines during the Vietnam war. He says when days like 9-11 roll around it hits home.

"Once you've been in situations such as Vietnam Iraq's just with you the rest of your life," Mixon continued.

A feeling Richard Chaffin can relate to. He's dedicated 12 years of service as a Marine and spent 21 years in the National Guard. Every September Chaffin volunteers to plant dozens of American flags including this year's 146 crosses. Each represents the lives lost in combat since WWI in Dougherty and surrounding counties.

"I got to go play in the dirt box three times so I know what our young troops are going through, its important to me," Chaffin said.

For these veterans the field of flags is more than just a beautiful display but a way to connect the past and the present.

"When we started this program a number of years ago an elderly gentlemen couldn't get out of his car," Mixon said. "His daughter brought him by the field and he just sat there and see the field of flags. It's sort of a emotional thing for all of us."

"I just like doing it," Chaffin said.

A handful of veterans giving back to a community that has given them so much.

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