Leary couple needs help with home repairs

Leary couple needs help with home repairs

A South Georgia woman is on a mission to help her neighbors,disabledd veteran and his wife whose home is falling apart.

She's asking folks to donate money, material, and their time to help.

Vietnam veteran Danny Harrell and his wife Little Mae say they're grateful for all the help from people in and around Leary.

Lillie Mae and Danny Harrell love their old home, but it's in need of some tender loving care.

"Like I said we have been living here since the sixties, it leaks in the bedroom, the water runs down the wall, and the front porch just fell in, it's in real bad shape," says Lillie Mae Harrell.

Their neighbor is forming a group to help them fix it up because it's getting to the point where it's not safe for the couple.

The Harrells say they have nowhere else to go.

"We have to live here, this is all we have."

Kay Kimbrel-Tinney says they will fix the roof first.

"If funds are available, if supplies are available, then we may move on to put on the windows or siding or whatever else may be need," says organizer Kay Kimbrel-Tinney.

Harrell says there are several holes in the house, the insulation is bad, and air comes in around windows so that they freeze when they take a shower in the winter.

They say they're grateful for any assistance they might get from people.

Danny Harrell is a retired U.S. Marine who served in Vietnam. He suffers from C.O.P.D. and Chronic Emphysema.

He and his wife each barely weigh a 100 pounds and are unable to do the work the house needs.

"I was really wanting someone to help me because we can't afford to fix it ourselves."

Those interested in donating can do so through a PayPal account on facebook.

You can find a link HERE where they have raised about 700 dollars so far. They'll have a crew start on the roof part of the project on Oct. 11th.

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