Veterans question hiring practices at MCLB

Veterans question hiring practices at MCLB

Some veterans and contract employees at the Marine Corps Logistics Base say they're being overlooked for full-time jobs with the federal government.

MCLB Colonel Jeff Hooks and a representative from Congressman Sanford Bishop's office listened to their concerns at a town hall meeting at the VFW on Wednesday evening.

The Colonel asked that our camera not be allowed inside the meeting.

Folks complained that the government's job website is not user-friendly and tells them they're not qualified for jobs for which they say they clearly have the experience.

"What I'm hoping for is when these vets get in there and tell their stories, the leadership will listen an change the way they evaluate and hire people especially for leadership positions," says Richard Wigington, a Marine Base employee.

"They don't understand why they can't get hired, they don't understand when they go to USA JOBS website it would come back they are not qualified knowing that was their job when they were in the military," says organizer Robert Evans.

Colonel Hooks told the group base officials will look into allegations of unfair hiring at MCLB, but he stressed they have nothing to do with USA jobs website.

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