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Discolored drinking water

Phil Roberson, Asst. City Manager Phil Roberson, Asst. City Manager
Dale Brown, Albany resident Dale Brown, Albany resident

Some folks in Albany had an unwanted surprise in their tap water Wednesday.

Experimental solutions in a water line in northwest Albany are creating turbulence and causing excess lime and calcium to show up in the water; leaving a brown tint.

Over the past few months, water gas and light has experienced problems with water pressure in some of their lines. The water is not contaminated, but most folks don't want to drink it.

"As we go more widespread with this new kind of way we are trying to run the well, we will try to mass mail or get people a notice that we are doing it" Phil Roberson Assistant City Manager for utilities.

"That way we don't have folks inadvertently drinking whatever is in this water, whether it's sand or mud or what have you, rust, I don't want to drink it," said Dale Brown, Albany resident.

The water along Kingswood Drive has been restored to clear. Water Gas and Light customers who are experiencing problems should contact WG&L.

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