Dad drove four states with his children's bodies

Dad drove four states with his children's bodies

LEXINGTON, SC (WALB) - Shocking details were revealed at a news conference this morning in Lexington, South Carolina, where several law enforcement leaders and Children Services officials told what they knew about the capture of Timothy Jones, who will be charged with killing his five young children.

Jones was caught in a DUI road check in Mississippi, after he dumped the bodies of his children in Alabama. He had stuffed their bodies in garbage bags. Mississippi authorities noticed peculiar behavior in Jones, saw what looked like blood in his car, and children's' clothing, but saw no children. They believe he was under the influence of some drug, possibly spice, or synthetic marijuana.

South Carolina officers are in Alabama and Mississippi today working on this case.

Lexington Co. (SC) Sheriff Lewis McCarty said he believes that Jones killed all five of his children "early on" in this case. He had custody of the children after his divorce from their mother, so alarm bells didn't go off until they had been unseen for some time, the sheriff said.

The bodies of the children are in Lexington County now, and autopsies are expected to be concluded tomorrow. Officials said they were in a state of advanced decomposition.

The sheriff said that Jones drove around through both Carolinas, then to Athens, GA., and through Alabama, where he disposed of the corpses. He said Jones, a computer engineer, and had no history of mental illness, was a graduate of Ole Miss, and that Jones' father lives in Mississippi.

They believe he acted alone, and they cannot point to a triggering event that may have set Jones off. He will be held by the SC Dept. of Corrections when he is brought back today or Thursday from Mississippi, not at the Lexington jail, because the sheriff fears for his safety.

Sheriff McCarty stressed that great team work by all the law enforcement involved led to the arrest of Jones.

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