Car windows busted at stadium during Packers game

Car windows busted at stadium during Packers game

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - While the Colquitt County Packers were on the football field Friday night, a different situation was happening right outside the stadium.

"The victim told the officers the windows appeared to be busted possibly by gunfire," said William Baillargeon.

Two cars sitting side by side in the parking area around the stadium were broken into. A purse was stolen from a Dodge Nitro.

"The incident took place sometime when the victims were inside the stadium observing the football game," said Baillargeon.

While police didn't not find any shell casings or bullet fragments, this type of activity not unusual during football games.

"Typically sometimes those things will happen, that's why we would provide a lot of security. The police department will provide exterior security for the perimeter,” said Baillargeon.

“That area is quite loud on game night. If a gunshot had been fired at that time, it's more than likely nobody would have heard that gunshot,” said Baillargeon.

It is not clear exactly how the windows were broken, but Moultrie Police are continuing to investigate.

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