Grady county granted almost $500,000 to fix drainage issues

GRADY COUNTY, GA (WALB) - South Georgia needed rain, but heavy downpours in recent days highlighted major drainage issues in Grady County.

A muddy mess.

That's how Grady County Administrator Carlos Tobar described the dirt roads in the Lewis Estate Subdivision.

He said he's afraid to drive his car through the area.

Tobar said, "I stopped when I saw the deep holes there.  I thought, I better go back."

But these homeowners don't have the luxury of turning around.

Some get their cars stuck daily.

Especially after all this rain.

Lewis Estate resident Richard Kuhne was one of the first neighbors to ask the county for improvements.

Kuhne said, "It just gets slick.  It gets dangerous. And it's just not good for anybody when you're living in a community."

Kuhne said it's not just about convenience for him and his neighbors.

It's about safety.

Kuhne added, "For emergency services, it gets so messy that they have a very difficult time and a hazardous time trying to get to our community."

With the cooperation from neighbors and emergency personnel, Tobar was able to convince the Community Development Block Grant Program to award Grady County $489,617 to pave the area and fix drainage issues.

Tobar said, "Every community I've worked on, it's a team effort. You can get a lot accomplished working together. And so we had 100 percent participation. So I'm very happy for them. They deserve the improvements in their community.”

Tobar said he's in contact with the civil engineer and the process for improvements is already underway.

He hopes the paving and drainage work will be completed some time next Fall.

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