Old school buildings to be demolished, piece-by-piece

Old school buildings to be demolished, piece-by-piece

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Three old buildings owned by the Dougherty County School System will be demolished.

The former administration building on Flint Avenue, the ESP complex on South Monroe Street, and Mamie Brosnan Elementary school on North Monroe Street will all be destroyed.

School officials said while the elementary school is a historic building, it's a hazard that would cost too much to renovate.

"We'll make notifications to the historic society," said Facilities Director Bob Fowler. "And we also plan on building a memorial out of the existing building material. So that there will be a memorial, some sort of monument on that site for that building."

The demolition projects will cost about $96,000.

School officials expect to award a bid to a contractor next week, who will take the buildings apart piece by piece so they can recycle much of the material.

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