GA ranks high in Domestic Violence Deaths

GA ranks high in Domestic Violence Deaths
Silke Deely
Silke Deely

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Georgia makes the top ten list for being one of the highest states for domestic violence deaths, and as the new numbers come in, the Liberty House says the raking is not surprising, but they must continue to work at stopping domestic violence altogether.

NFL football player Ray Rice was released by the Baltimore Ravens Monday after this video emerged that shows Rice hitting his fiance during an argument.

It's this type of violence that's the focus of the Liberty House in Albany. "As much as we think that things have changed, they really haven't as much as we would like to believe," said Silke Deeley of Liberty House.

New numbers show that Georgia ranks 9th in the nation in the rate of women murdered by men according to The Violence Policy Center. Liberty House Executive Director Silke Deeley says there can be several reasons for these numbers.

"A lot of counties in Georgia are extremely rural. I'm not sure the media and law enforcement in a lot of the smaller communities take it seriously."

Deeley says 72% of homicides in Georgia were caused by handguns. 85% of domestic violence is committed by men against women. She says documenting these types of crimes can help see what's really going on.

"Why isn't anyone asking for prevention or other intervention, other than arresting Mr. Smith for disorderly conduct, because that's how it looks," she said.

The Liberty House is committed to helping abused women and children to not become another person killed as a result of domestic violence.

"But it can't be just us, it has to be everybody," said Deeley.

The good news is Georgia went down four spots from 2012, when the state ranked 6th in the county.

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