Students learn distracted driving dangers

Students learn distracted driving dangers

WORTH CO., GA (WALB) - Worth County High School students got a look at the dangers of distracted driving as they kicked off homecoming week Monday.

A red sea of students filled the gym of Worth County High school to start their fun- filled Homecoming week with a very serious message. The message is simply, "Don't drive distracted"- and as the students learned, that means more than just texting.

The Shepherd Center, an Atlanta hospital that specializes in spinal cord injury and brain injury, gave the presentation.

"These are high school kids," said Principal Scott Shafin.  "They are first time drivers. They're just getting behind the wheel and a lot of the times they're not seeing these messages."

The students and faculty heard several heart-wrenching stories from people who have seen the fatal consequences of driving while doing everything, from eating behind the wheel to talking hands-free on the phone.

"I've actually had some of our teachers come to me and say they too, do not use their cell phone while they're driving," added Shafin.

Everyone who attended was asked to wear red as a reminder to "Stop and Think" about making good decisions when they drive. School officials say they plan to remind students of that message throughout the year.

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