Albany Public Works prepares for heavy rain

Albany Public Works prepares for heavy rain

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Street crews are looking at potential back-up points in the city in the event of heavy rain, which could return today.

City of Albany public works crews use a jet vac truck to clean out the storm system drains on Eugemar Drive this morning. Last night's heavy rain storms flooded that block, as well as about a dozen other intersections and low lying roads. Today the crews tried to get ready for forecast more downpours.

"We're out cleaning the roads. We're sweeping. We're jetting pipes, make sure they are open," said Albany Public Works Utility Director Richard Bramlett.

This time of year the falling pine needles and oak leaves is clogging the storm drains, when the rain piles it up in the drain opening.

In the County, public works crews installed pumps along Ramsey Road's ponds. To lower them so that they can hold the next heavy storm's rains.

"We've begun to set up some pumps to counteract what we've already gotten, because the forecast is calling for more rain this afternoon," said Dougherty County Public Works Assistant Director Chucky Mathis.

County public works said one problem is trash and yard debris piled up in drainage ditches by homeowners, that is clogging up pipe systems.

"These places when you do that, it'll stop the flow of storm water and create situations where water will eventually get up on the roads," Mathis said.

County and city officials say you can help them try to control flash flooding. Clean out the drains and ditches in front of your home, to make sure the water can drain.

"Yes, that would be wonderful. Keep the straw out. Sticks. Anything that would go into a catch basin. That would be wonderful," Bramlett said.

Because more of these heavy evening rains are forecast this week.

And officials warn you if you are driving in these rain storms, don't try to drive through standing water.

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