Nunn visits Albany

Nunn visits Albany

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - U.S. Senate Candidate Michelle Nunn made a stop in Albany Saturday.

Nunn, along with other volunteers including city commissioner Jon Howard went door to door encouraging people to register to vote. The deadline to register is October the 6th. Nunn says it's important to have your voice heard.

"Whether it's our children's education, whether it's minimum wage, whether it's affordability of college these things matter and they are decided through elections and we need everybody to let their voice be heard," said Michelle Nunn, (D) U.S. Senate Candidate.

Nunn also gave us her thoughts on ISIS. Nunn believes ISIS is a threat and hopes the U.S. can work close with its allies to defeat.

"I do agree that we should continue the air strikes," said Nunn. "I also believe that we need to look to our military leaders to continue to develop the evolving strategy, again in concert with regional players."

Nunn believes that the U.S. should not fight a civil war in Iraq and that issues there need to be resolved by their leadership. She says Congress and the President need to work together on united policies for international engagements.

Nunn will face Republican Senate Candidate David Perdue in the November 4th election. The winner will replace retiring Senator Saxby Chambliss.

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