Phoebe responds to FTC ruling

Phoebe responds to FTC ruling

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Friday afternoon, Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital issued a statement in response to the Federal Trade Commission's rejection of a consent decree regarding PPMH and the former Palmyra Park Hospital. They called the ruling 'disappointing.'

Here is their statement-

Phoebe has learned that the three participating members of the Federal Trade Commission (two have recused themselves, although they have not announced why) have voted to withdraw the settlement they agreed to over a year ago and return Phoebe and the Authority to Part III administrative litigation.

This is disappointing, of course, particularly because a process is under way within the Department of Community Health (DCH) that will at least to some degree alter the specifics of the determination letter issued by DCH staff in June. The staff has already requested the matter be remanded, and hearings are scheduled next week, and on September 24, in Atlanta, concerning legal and procedural issues.

Phoebe and the Authority are confident errors of law and fact will be corrected in this process. The FTC administrative hearing is set in Washington beginning February 4.

Phoebe General Counsel, Thomas S. Chambless commented, “It is disheartening to see the FTC throw this back into administrative litigation, because it is difficult to watch our federal government take actions that flaunt the overall needs of healthcare in our region, using our tax dollars to require us to use scarce and diminishing healthcare resources to fight them.”

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