High temps bring high utility bills, how to save

High temps bring high utility bills, how to save
Billy Goodson, owner of Pollock heating and cooling
Billy Goodson, owner of Pollock heating and cooling

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Summer heat continues, high temps bring on the high utility bills. But there are ways you can stay cool and still save some money.

One quick and simple way you can cut the heat from entering your home is to shut your blinds and close your drapes. Next, check your filters, it's recommended to change them out every two months but if you have a high efficiency filter you need to check it once every month.

Billy Goodson of Pollock Heating and Cooling says to clean the coils and make sure the drain lines aren't stomped up, otherwise it inhibits the unit to remove humidity.

He suggests to find normal temperature to keep the AC unit set, cutting the unit on and off throughout the day makes the unit work harder. It picks up humidity from the furniture, carpet, curtains, and other objects within the home, taking longer for the AC to get to the desired temperature, burning more energy.

"You might wanna get your house checked for air leakage whether that would be doors, windows attic accesses. You can seal these and save a lot of money doing it," Goodson said.

If you tend to step in and out of your house throughout the day try installing a programmable thermostat, or you try a self regulating thermostat which can study your habits adjust to your needs.

Goodson says only use the fan when someone is actually in the room and turn them off when not in use. It is the same concept when dealing with household appliances, especially in the kitchen. Try using smaller heating appliances such as a toaster rather than the stove or oven, hang your clothes outside to dry instead of using the dryer.

The second largest energy source comes from your hot water, replace leaky faucets and shower heads.

The culprit is the level of humidity within the home, two homes could have the same temperature but with different humidity and one will feel cool and the other will be hot. Goodson believes good maintenance is the key component in battling extreme heat.

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