Tifton police searching for answers in unsolved murder

Tifton police searching for answers in unsolved murder

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - Tifton Police are hoping a reward will help them find a killer. Detectives continue to look for any information in the murder of Jessie James Harris II.

Tifton police say they still need to know what happened right before and after on the night he was killed.

It's been two weeks since Jessie James Harris II was shot and killed in his home. And still no arrests.

"We can't give them their loved one back but we can give them some answers,"

Answers that is hard to find. Investigators say they have very few leads in the young father's death.

"Mr. Harris was not able to communicate with anyone before he passed. Some of the things we have in other cases are just not there in this one," Lt. Lee Dunston.

Tifton Police are offering a $1,000 reward and the public's help will lead to an arrest and conviction.

"Maybe they rode off and didn't it was important at the time, but we're just asking them to come forth so we can decide if it's important," said Dunston.

Harris' 4-year old son was inside the house when his father was killed. Detective now say there was someone else at the house that night.

"A female companion was at the house, that's how we know he answered the knock at the door," said Dunston.

Investigators say the female is not a suspect as they try to determine if Harris was the intended target.

"You would assume that if someone knocked on the door and at the very least that particular address was targeted, whether or not Mr. Harris was or not," said Dunston.

Investigators now hope the reward will help bring them the information they need to solve this case.

If anyone has information on the murder of Jessie Harris the second, call Tifton Police.

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