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Study: Phoebe generates $1.2 billion for local, state economy

Joel Wernick, CEO Phoebe Health Systems Joel Wernick, CEO Phoebe Health Systems
John Rodman, Limbcare Owner John Rodman, Limbcare Owner

According to a new study, Phoebe Putney Health Systems' impact is more than $1.2 billion a year.

Phoebe's economic impact doesn't just keep the hospital thriving, but it helps keep many other businesses growing as well.

Limbcare, an orthotic and prosthetic services company has locations across the street from Phoebe Putney's main campus and Phoebe North. They've been business for 19 years. Owner John Rodman says the company's success is due largely to Phoebe.

"Diabetes has a high rate here in Albany, Georgia," Rodman said. "So there is very large limb loss. With the amputations that are being done here, if Phoebe wasn't here, I wouldn't be getting those particular patients here."

While helping to sustain thousands of other jobs, Phoebe has added to its own workforce, growing from 1,500 employees in 1980 to over 4,500 employees now.

"Statistically we get over 10,000 applications a year for people wanting to work at Phoebe Putney," said CEO Joel Wernick.

Wernick says he is happy to offer more than just employment.

"An important thing is happening here," Wernick said. "That is the development of physician training here, pharmacy training here,.advanced practice professional training here."

Overall, Wernick says Phoebe supports more than 9,400 jobs in the area.

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