Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall makes grand entrance in Ashburn

Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall makes grand entrance in Ashburn

ASHBURN, GA (WALB) - The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall rode into Ashburn with a special escort Wednesday afternoon.

The city will unveil the exhibit to the public Friday.

The traveling wall has made it next stop and was escorted into town by several veterans and supporters of those who died for our freedom.

People watched as the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall came into town.

"Gratitude and honor that is has to escort such a meaningful thing to my brothers and sister that gave their life during Vietnam War," Andy Anderson, Patriot Guard Ride Captain.

The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall traveled down I-75 and through downtown Ashburn. The wall and other exhibits were escorted by Patriot Guard Riders, American Legion Riders and the local Christian Riders.

"It was really meaningful to see the people of my hometown lining the streets as the motorcycles brought in the guard. It brought me to tears watching them as they pulled in,"

"I spent 13 months in Vietnam. I was Air force and in physiological warfare," said Odis Reese.

Vietnam Veterans say seeing the motorcade brought a wave of emotions that are hard to describe.

"Knowing the wall is coming in. The names of the brothers that passed away in Vietnam is very emotional," said Reese.

Visitors say seeing the traveling wall is an experience that will stay with them for a lifetime.

"As a person born much later than the Vietnam War, it really shows the impact of the 58-thousand plus men that gave their life," said Cook.

Volunteers are now setting up the wall so that people from across South Georgia can experience it.

The opening ceremony is Friday at 10 am. The Vietnam traveling wall will be open 24 hours until Sunday.

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