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Referendum to renovate Kershaw County schools to be voted on in November


Kershaw County school officials believe renovations and replacement projects are desperately needed for their schools.

They say many schools in the county are having major problems with flooding because of their age, but the point of contention for some is the idea the district has to pay for it all.

At Camden Elementary School, some students appear to be excelling. Directors, however, say the 55-year-old school itself is not. In fact, Camden Elementary principal Carol Przybyla most of the classrooms are small for their class size and that's just the beginning.

"It's showing it's age by the difficulty we're having with technology," Przybyla said. "Internet connection is very difficult to get into all the classrooms."

Officials also noted problems with the school's septic system and public announce system, but the question now is will county voters agree.

Citizens will vote whether $130 million in bonds should be taken out to rebuild Camden Elementary and four other schools. The referendum, if passed, would also allow five other schools to get major renovations. That would, then, raise the question of how the cost would be paid off.

"By putting on a sales tax, it's going to slow down the economy," he said. "I think it will slow down the financial growth for small businesses."

But small business owner David Pettinelli doesn't see the benefit of a penny sales tax.

"If one penny sales tax would be implemented," Kershaw County Schools Communications Director Mary Anne Byrd said, "then there'd be no increase in property taxes for all these projects."

County voters will decide on the referendum in November.

Learn more about the proposed projects here:

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